Best of the Zambian Posts

The most visited posts are as follows (the first one gets hundreds of visitors each week and I’m still not sure why, I think it might be to do with a certain image coming on a Google search)

  1. Reading this blog will make you healthier
  2. 100 things I will miss about Zambia
  3. A Truly African Adventure
  4. Ephraim’s Story
  5. The Ladies on the front line…

My personal favourites are probably:

  1. HIV: Looking in the Ugly Mirror
  2. Lemons have international recognition because of their usefulness
  3. The Curious Case of Gaddafi’s Camels
  4. In Praise of Shopping
  5. Of Sinners & Saints
  6. The Sounds of Silence

The stories that will probably stay with me longest are:

  1. Ephraim’s Story – Part II
  2. Eric’s Story
  3. The Prevention Convention
  4. Back to the Front Line
  5. Dreaming of a brighter future

The most commented upon was without doubt Not so civil after all?

If you are interested in taking some time out to volunteer like I did, then I hope the following posts might be of some interest and practical value to you:

  1. Eyes a little wider; Head a little wiser
  2. Thoughts on Choosing a Volunteer Role I
  3. Thoughts on Choosing a Volunteer Role II

Happy reading!


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