2,000 visits and counting

Just a note to thank you all for your continued interest and support of the blog. We crossed the 2,000 visits mark this week which after 4 months is quite satisfying – will do my best to keep it interesting for the next 8. Berkeley Advertisements

The New Colonials?

Russian President Dimitry Medvedev might just be flying over my head today as he travels to Namibia on a week long tour of African nations. In a sign of the times, he is taking the opportunity of the economic downturn to boost a series of energy deals with several countries on the continent (though not … Continue reading

All is not well in the state of Denmark…

This has been a week of some significant political upheaval across Zambia. Nurses and doctors have been striking for better pay  leaving most hospital wards closed and the papers filled with stories of people dying for the lack of services. Teachers are now on a sustained course of industrial action leaving many schools closed. The … Continue reading

Of Truckers and Hookers, Attitudes and Behaviours

If you can step back from the human tragedy for a moment, you have to marvel at the way in which HIV holds up a mirror many of the attitudes and behaviors that shape our modern societies. A classic example is the role that trucking routes have played in spreading the infection across the continent. … Continue reading

Ephraim’s Story – Part II

When I last wrote of Ephraim, my young friend from Mongu, I left on a hopeful note as his mother seemed to be regaining her health and was soon to leave hospital. Shortly after this, Ephraim’s mother was indeed discharged from hospital. Encouragingly, she was provided with the drugs she needed free of charge, thus … Continue reading