Hinting at the heart of the matter

In my new search for answers to some of the more fundamental disparities that seem to exist between my old home and my new one, a couple of articles in different versions of the Economist grabbed my eye this week that I thought I would share with you. The first was a piece in the … Continue reading

A warm welcome to my frozen home

I am pleased to report that the numbness enduced by my dramatic switch of homes is starting to thaw at something like the same pace as the snow and ice are receding from the lakes and bicycle lanes of Copenhagen. Before leaving Zambia, I was flicking through one of those books of national statistics and quickly … Continue reading

History Repeating?

“It all goes in cycles you know, when I first arrived twenty years ago, water was big – every proposal had a sanitation component to it, then is was agriculture, recently it has been HIV and AIDS but I have the feeling that we might be getting round to water again soon.” This casual observation … Continue reading

Feeling comfortably numb

Folks, you will have to excuse me if I have lost some of my ability for prose this week. I have the kind of cotton wool head that can only be generated by switching from one of the world’s least developed nations to one of its most advanced in under seven days. Let me limit myself to … Continue reading