The view from the bottom of the bottom

The way they used to pack slaves in the ship, that is how we sleep. – Kenneth, 37, Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison, September 30, 2009 This week I have been trying to digest a remarkable report from Human Rights Watch on the state of Zambia’s prisons. During the last 18 months they managed to  interview … Continue reading

Getting Volcanised

It has been an interesting week to sit back and observe how things we take for granted can, every now and then, give us a sharp nip on the backside and remind us exactly how feeble we can be in the face of forces greater than ourselves. I was afforded more than enough time to … Continue reading

Allez le Lozi!

After three long months of training, 7am last Sunday morning found what I am pleased to say was only one Irish man in a Zambian tribal dress basking in the bright light of a beautiful Paris springtime morning. With my colleague Maria (official photographer for the day) still complaining about the early hour of our … Continue reading

Eyes on the finish line

This coming week marks the conclusion of a number of pretty significant events in my recent history. First up there is the small matter of 26.2 miles or more appropriately whatever that translates to in kilometers along the byways and boulevards of la belle Paris, all to be completed in my siziba, the tribal dress … Continue reading

DanIsh Diary Entry 2

This week you find me luxuriating in what is a five day Easter holiday here in Denmark, more bank holiday week than weekend. When you are new to a place free time can be something of a rich dish, beautiful to taste but best served in small quantities. That said, all my belongings finally arrived … Continue reading