Some Suggested Reading for 2010

One of the things I appreciate most about my year in Zambia has been the time it has afforded me to read some truly amazing books and try to come to terms with some of the bigger issues that face the continent (and with it the world at large). As Christmas was always a time … Continue reading

A Prayer for Christmas Day

Dear Lord I pray for my many friends and family across the globe that have kept me in such company throughout this year in a distant land, may they enjoy the comfort and plenty of a warm Christmas day amongst their family and friends. I pray for the 8 million Zambians who will wake up … Continue reading

Shining a Light on the Darkest Force

Sex and death are two of the most fundamental elements of the human condition. They are intensely powerful yet private topics that remain taboo in most cultures of the world. Add in a layer or two of moral or religious righteousness and some pretty strong cultural mores and you have a recipe for a staggeringly … Continue reading

Of Sinners & Saints

I have spent much of my free time this week wading through the Murphy Report. For those of you who don’t come from Ireland, allow me to briefly explain that this is the latest investigation to document the pattern and scale of child sexual abuse carried out by members of the Catholic Church in the … Continue reading

Back to the Front Line

Tuesday was World AIDS Day and instead of joining what I am sad to report has become a rather tired and tokenistic march to the city centre to hear politicians utter promises that no amount of freely distributed t-shirts will make them keep, I decided to return to one of the first community groups I … Continue reading