Two Worlds – How far apart?

This week I was fortunate enough to travel with two of my Zambian colleagues to spend a week in the company of a 8 other social sector / private sector partnerships at a business school just south of Paris. The pioneering program aims to leverage private sector skills and experience in a variety of organizations … Continue reading

The Crunch… African Style

I know you are all probably quite sick to death of hearing about the credit crunch, I certainly was back home but it is quite interesting to view it from a somewhat different perspective down here. At the start of the whole credit squeeze I seem to remember that the most commonly heard thinking was … Continue reading

Know your epidemic…

Today is Youth Day and a national holiday in Zambia. To mark it, the President hosts a major ceremony in town where large numbers of children are conscripted to march past representing the various schools and youth movements in the country. Curious to get my first taste of Zambian pomp and pageantry I dropped by. … Continue reading

A most amazing welcome

Friday was my first day at my new organisation and what an amazing day it turned out to be. Firstly I discovered that my house is less than ten minutes walk from my office so compared to my London commute, this year is already going to be paradise. When I arrived I was led around … Continue reading

A Brief Snapshot of Modern South Africa

En route to Zambia, we stopped off for a few days of meetings with some of the bigger players in the donor world including USAID. They are one of the largest donors in the world and it sure felt like it as we made our way into their complex just outside Pretoria. With security systems … Continue reading

Day 0 – Shipping Out

How should you feel when your entire existence has been condensed down into 3 plastic tubs (for storage) and 4 non-matching pieces of luggage? For the most part, very excited and somehow enthralled by how easy it is to just pack up your bags and go (I mean really go!) anywhere in the world these … Continue reading