A Truly African Adventure

Last weekend was meant to be unremarkable enough. One last trip to the bush for the boys from the house to mark the departure of our dear friend Janno back to Europe. By the end of the weekend we had bonded like never before, but in circumstances we would never have wished for. We had … Continue reading

Lemons have international recognition because of their usefulness

One of my many Zambian heroes is the guy who sells lemons on the street below my office. It might be the marketer in me but I am in awe of the effort he makes to distinguish his wares from the row of vendors on the street. He only has one product – lemons – … Continue reading

The Ties That Bind…

A colleague of mine arrived at the office with a shocking tale this week. Whilst bringing his young daughter to school he witnessed a crowd of men single out a lone female making her way to work. She happened to be dressed in a skirt and tights, a sight that would barely merit a second … Continue reading

The Sounds of Silence

Two smart, young and impressive Zambian friends of mine shocked me recently by recounting a story of when a new boss had joined their organisation. “Oh yes,” said the first solemnly, “we made an extra special effort to say nothing for the first month.” “Why on earth?” I replied belying once again the many aspects … Continue reading