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“Please receive and accept very warm greetings from he entire membership of Roma/N’gombe Community Home Based Care and wish you God’s abundant blessings”

On April 11th 2010, I became the first Irishman to run the Paris marathon in a “Siziba” the traditional dress of the Losi (western tribe of Zambia). Thanks to the amazing generosity of many many friends, family and fellow travellers, I was able to mark this momentous day for international sport by supporting one of the most worthy and inspiring groups I have encountered in my time here in Zambia.

On my Losi marks... (sadly the pace runner can't join me in Paris)

Ng’ombe Home Based Care is a team of over 40 volunteers who provide essential medical, nutritional and educational support to one of the poorest shanty compounds in Lusaka, Zambia. They are currently without any formal funding and require $9,000 to continue their work in 2010 to directly support over 500 people including those living with HIV, TB as well as the orphans and vulnerable children within the Ng’ombe community. I need all your help to make this happen. There are more detailed discussions of the work they do and the context they have to operate within from my blog in April and December.

I know 2009 has been a tough year for everyone but when you are on the bottom, it doesn’t get much easier. Ng’ombe is a densely packed urban community where practically everyone lives on less than $1 a day, where sanitation means a uncovered pit latrine that becomes a potential cholera epidemic each time it rains, where the drugs in the clinic might be free but nobody has the money for the bus to get there or to pay for the diagnostic tests once they arrive.

£10/$16 pays for 1 orphaned child to complete a year of school

£25/$40 pays for 6 infant nutrition packs

£50/$80 pays for 10 families to receive Basic Nutritional Support

£100/$160 will allow 20 people with HIV/TB to access vital medical care

£5,500/$9,000 will support the whole community for 2010

Hopefully crossing the finish line in Paris will be this painless... And it was, more or less!

13 Responses to “Ran Lozi Ran”
  1. Banjo says:

    hahahah stud muffin!! Count me in………maybe I can come along for the trip and document the marathon extraordinare through pics

    • berkeleysblog says:

      Brilliant… Thanks Sanj. I need some more corporate happy helpers for the Christmas season… please put a comment down here and get in touch

  2. Sue Silk says:

    Amazing work that you continue to do Berkeley, so I’m sure we can all help you and these wonderful ladies.
    happy Xmas!
    Best wishes, Sue

  3. Ali Watkins says:

    Just donated 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  4. Janno says:

    Just donated 200 pounds, 150 with thanks to the financial broker Gabriel, my niece’s company, 25 with thanks to my mother, and 25 with thanks to my sister Tirsa, and send the same request to 50 friends. Wishing you luck with your fundraising. Oh man, that Losi dress is gonna be uncomfi while running…

    big up, a bro up north.

  5. daniel de schryver says:

    Berkeley, I want a video and pix and everything of your Paris run on Facebook and everywhere… !
    That alone is worth the money! But I’m happy to support the projects as well.

  6. Jane Griffiths says:

    Berkeley if I can get to Paris I will…it will be worth the trip to see you in that get up! I hope the donations are creeping up…
    See you in March

  7. Marco Mohwinckel says:

    Hey Berkeley! How did the training in costume go? See you on Friday – a pint will give you some much deserved extra boost! Cheers, Marco

  8. Good luck in Paris Berkeley. You will get noticed and I hope this drives the fund up.

  9. Tania Kisserli says:

    Wow, i caught up with your talk on the Alliance web as i sadly missed the ‘live’ event and it was inspirational.
    Good luck with the run,
    Tania (Africa Team)

  10. Obbie Nyirenda says:

    Hi Berkeley,
    Just want to be in touch with you.

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