The Politics of Giving

Take a moment to think of a community that is familiar to you: where you grew up, where you live, urban, rural – it doesn’t really matter… For the sake of simplicity assume that this community has 1,000 inhabitants. Call a meeting in the town square and inform 200 of them that they have a … Continue reading

Independance Day

Tomorrow Zambia marks her 45th year of independence. During the Tokyo Olympics of 1964 she became the first country to enter the games under one flag (Northern Rhodesia) and leave it under a second. It was a remarkable moment as a Southern African state was peacefully handed over to majority rule – something that wouldn’t … Continue reading

Reading this blog will make you healthier

It may surprise you to know that I have a tax disc holder which urges me to have only one sexual partner. I am currently drinking water from a bottle that is apparently united against malaria and I regularly drive past a rather disturbing billboard of a small cowering child who tells me that ‘Sleeping … Continue reading

If only it were just the drugs…

Modern HIV medications are a testament to pharmaceutical ingenuity. In the space of 15 years we have progressed from having one weakly effective and highly toxic therapy to a whole medicine cabinet of  anti-retrovirals (ARVs), targeting the virus in different ways and in combination providing highly effective and tolerable ways of keeping it at bay. … Continue reading

Eric’s Story

In a field littered with three and more letter acronyms, PLwHIV (People Living with HIV) is my least favourite. It is a cold, cumbersome and clinical way to describe the body and soul of the epidemic. It is their pain and suffering that should command our greatest attention and their strength and determination our greatest … Continue reading