The Zambian Blogs

“Lusaka Streetscape” – The amazing gift from my wonderful colleagues at Alliance Zambia

Now that my time in Zambia has come to an end, it seems appropriate to clean up the blog a little bit. Photo links and the Run Lozi Run campaign results are on the drop menu above.

The most visited posts are as follows (the first one gets hundreds of visitors each week and I’m still not sure why, I think it might be to do with a certain image coming on a Google search)

  1. Reading this blog will make you healthier
  2. 100 things I will miss about Zambia
  3. A Truly African Adventure
  4. Ephraim’s Story
  5. The Ladies on the front line…

My personal favourites are probably:

  1. HIV: Looking in the Ugly Mirror
  2. Lemons have international recognition because of their usefulness
  3. The Curious Case of Gaddafi’s Camels
  4. In Praise of Shopping
  5. Of Sinners & Saints
  6. The Sounds of Silence

The stories that will probably stay with me longest are:

  1. Ephraim’s Story – Part II
  2. Eric’s Story
  3. The Prevention Convention
  4. Back to the Front Line
  5. Dreaming of a brighter future

The most commented upon was without doubt Not so civil after all?

If you are interested in taking some time out to volunteer like I did, then I hope the following posts might be of some interest and practical value to you:

  1. Eyes a little wider; Head a little wiser
  2. Thoughts on Choosing a Volunteer Role I
  3. Thoughts on Choosing a Volunteer Role II

Happy reading!


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