Visit Zambia!

Well dear reader, this week I have something of a confession to make. As many of you northern hemisphere residents were facing into the first weeks of cold Autumnal grey, I was swanning around in the sweltering heat, enjoying the many wondrous sights and sounds this host continent of mine has to offer, all under … Continue reading

Thoughts on Choosing a Volunteer Role II

Right, on to the second (and I promise the last for quite a while) self focussed postings… The second question I get asked is how I came to choose my volunteer role or more accurately how it came to choose me. I took my time and researched quite a lot so here are my learnings … Continue reading

Thoughts on Choosing a Volunteer Role I

I realise that it is not very clear from the blog what work I actually do down here in Zambia. That is partly intentional as I tend to come out in a rash when reading blogs that are nothing more than a tedious description of somebody’s daily life. In spite of this a few hardy … Continue reading

Southern Africa’s Little Gem

This week I was fortunate enough to spend my time in Gaborone, Botswana scouting out potential non-profit partners for next year’s PEPAL programme. A great friend from my time in Chicago hails from here so it is not my first visit to the city, but coming directly from its neighbour to the north allowed me … Continue reading