The Devil’s in the Data

To know whether one is doing the right thing is a devilishly hard task. No matter how pure your intention or ingenious your intervention, it is never a simple matter to prove beyond doubt that you are having the impact you desire. The line between cause and effect is often far more blurred than one … Continue reading

The Cure and the Cause

The pharmaceutical industry to which I have returned to is in a pretty bad state. Across the world, the ‘blockbuster’ drugs (those with annual sales above $1 billion) that have fuelled the sector’s growth during the preceding decades are coming to the end of their patent protected lives and with few exceptions there are no … Continue reading

The Lean Green Grass of Home

This weekend I have been enjoying the comforts of a warm welcome back to my childhood home of Ireland. At close to 1,5 years since I last visited, this is the longest single period of time that I have been away and as much as I enjoy the adventure of life far from its shores, … Continue reading

What N’gombe did next….

N'gombe Team

I have enjoyed many surprises over the last year but perhaps none more positive than the response received to my idea of hacking around the Paris Marathon in a Zambian tribal dress. What started out as a daydream during a relaxed little run on a steamy night in Lusaka turned into a much more concerted … Continue reading