Dead Aid

Dambisa Moyo is a name you may be hearing quite a bit more of in the coming months. She is a smart, articulate, young economist with an impeccable academic background (Oxford and Harvard) and ten years working in investment banking and development finance (Goldman Sachs and the World Bank). She has recently published a book … Continue reading

The Seeds of (Under)Development are Sown Early

Next month we are hosting a major policy workshop on the coordination of care for orphans and vulnerable children between the various government ministries, major donors and NGO’s operating the field. This week I was fortunate enough to join our documentation team in a rural community in the North to capture the thoughts and views … Continue reading

Life in Lusaka

Zambians are early risers and on workdays I am typically awoken by the sounds of one of my  housemates taking a bath from 0600 hours onwards. By the time I drag my sleepy head on to the streets at 0715 or so, rush hour is well underway and the streets are filled with pristinely turned … Continue reading

The Right Kind of Cut?

A little piece of broadcasting history was made here in Lusaka about a year ago when the local BBC World Service reporter became the first man to undergo a circumcision live on air. The squeamish amongst you will be glad to hear that the audio recording is no longer available on the archive service but … Continue reading