HIV: Looking in the Ugly Mirror

HIV: If there is a more grimly fascinating epidemic, I would like to read about it. Close as I am to finishing my year living amongst this dark plague, I must admit that I still find more to puzzle over than to understand and more questions to ask than I can claim to have answers … Continue reading

Zambia – Love it or leave

Suwi, one of my closest Zambian friends, has a favourite car bumper sticker which simply says “Zambia – love it or leave.” If it were possible, she would like to buy a batch lot of these stickers and use them to tape shut the mouth of any non-Zambian who looked like they were about to … Continue reading

Lessons in Vulnerability

Vulnerability is already an overused term in the development world – so often we talk of vulnerable children or those whose livelihoods are made vulnerable by disease or malnutrition. Yet I am discovering there is another form of vulnerability that I feel is equally important yet frequently overlooked – that of ‘organisational vulnerability’. A little … Continue reading

Visit Namibia!

OK, here I go again, trying to do my very best for the tourism industry in Africa. To be frank, Namibia does not need my help one little bit. I have rarely travelled a country so well suited to the long distance traveller. The jaw dropping sights are endless, the roads are superb, the camping … Continue reading