What N’gombe did next….

I have enjoyed many surprises over the last year but perhaps none more positive than the response received to my idea of hacking around the Paris Marathon in a Zambian tribal dress.

What started out as a daydream during a relaxed little run on a steamy night in Lusaka turned into a much more concerted training regime that spanned the full climactic range from those early months in the hot and heavy tropical rains of Zambia to laps around the frozen lakes of Copenhagen in the final weeks of preparation. All, it must be said, completed in the same two pairs of black shorts (raising more than one or two eyebrows in Copenhagen at least)

What kept me focussed throughout was the incredible stream of generosity that flowed from many of your bank accounts to the Run Lozi Run fund and culminated last week with my parents hosting a  coffee morning back in my home town of Blessington. With the help of many many family and friends from the locality they added a massive €1,100 to the total in a single morning!!!

It therefore gives me incredible pleasure to finally wrap up the Run Lozi Run funding campaign and tell you that thanks your amazing collective generosity £8,000 /€9,200 / $11,400 or perhaps most impressively 60,000,000 Zambian Kwacha is on it’s way to N’gombe Home Based Care.

N'gombe Team

"Please receive and accept very warm greetings from he entire membership of Roma/N'gombe Community Home Based Care and wish you God's abundant blessings"

They have already taken their first instalment and Bernard their treasurer kindly wrote to me to let you all know where the first funds went:

  • Staple maize meal was procured to support 40 families for the year
  • Infant formula was supplied to protect 10 babies from HIV in their mothers milk for the year
  • Food supplementation for 20 babies who will be kept from malnourishment for the year
  • Transport costs to ensure that a further 20 mothers can take their children to the hospital for regular post natal care each month
  • Funds to pay for X-Rays for 10 children per month attending clinic

I know that the community group will be getting a chance to watch their YouTube video’s soon thanks to my old colleagues at the Alliance so a few more important viewers will be added to the 500 who have already watched. For those who have yet to have the pleasure they are here and here. Katherine, that old red beret of yours is becoming very famous!!

Since the first time I had the fortune to visit N’gombe and meet this amazing group of dedicated and hard working individuals I have remained convinced of the immense good that they continue to provide directly to those who need it most and I am delighted and proud to have been able to connect the generosity of so many of my friends and family to their incredibly good work. You can be sure that it has made a difference.

Thank you one and all.

One Response to “What N’gombe did next….”
  1. Ali W says:

    Great news! Well done!

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