A Prayer for Christmas Day

Dear Lord

I pray for my many friends and family across the globe that have kept me in such company throughout this year in a distant land, may they enjoy the comfort and plenty of a warm Christmas day amongst their family and friends.

I pray for the 8 million Zambians who will wake up this day like any other with less than $1 in their pocket  for food and other daily essentials, that they too one day will know what comfort and plenty feel like.

I pray for all those who have lost loved ones during the year. I think especially of Vivian my step-mother who lost her own mother, an outstanding lady and irreplaceable grandmother to us all.

I pray for the 1.1 million Zambian children who have been left orphaned and vulnerable by HIV and other diseases. I think especially of Ephraim who spends his first Christmas without both a mother and a father to protect and guide him.

I pray for the world’s leaders as they return home from Copenhagen, that they might have the wisdom to recognise the scale of the environmental crisis that faces us and the courage to lead us to change our ways.

I pray for Zambia’s leaders that they might have the wisdom to recognise the scale of the damage caused by corruption in this country and the courage to bite the hand that feeds them.

I pray a prayer of personal thanks for the countless incredible experiences and eye opening lessons this year has taught me. I pray for the strength and commitment to keep these lessons with me as I return home and the wisdom to let them influence my life.


One Response to “A Prayer for Christmas Day”
  1. janno says:

    Amen! I joined your prayer berk. bless, j.

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