Kicking Around Uncle Bob’s Backyard

Last weekend, I took a spin down to Harare with a couple of housemates. Contrary to all the media hype we found the city to be peaceful, the people to be friendly and the streets to be grandly sweeping (albeit now slowly crumbling) in a way sadly Lusaka could only dream of. Actually, they would be bitter dreams as Harare was built upon Zambian copper wealth from the time of the Rhodesian confederation. Despite, or perhaps because of, all the tensions the city still beats with a thriving arts and music scene. To think what this place must have been like ten or twenty ago…

Everyone wanted their picture taken

Including the cops

Great sculpture everywhere

Flashy compared to Lusaka

Just happy to be in a city with a park I guess

Old Zim Dollars

New Zim Dollars (note the sweets instead of small change)

Great Street Theatre

The full photo set is here.  All pics (c) Karol Kelly this weekend.

And finally yet one more eventful African journey back home:

Police fine for not driving with any shoes – $4
Second fine for apparently “observing the 3 F’s – Foot, Floor, F’ it” – $8
Engine oil for the diff as my Lada broke down AGAIN – $5
Paying the MacGyver’s on the border to get the oil into the diff casing – $15
Pushing your own Russian 4×4 back into Zambia across the mighty Zambezi as the sun sets and they literally close the border gates behind you – PRICELESS (in its own way)

One Response to “Kicking Around Uncle Bob’s Backyard”
  1. janno says:

    haha! another lada adventure… that car is truely unbelievable. street theatre, parks and architecture really gave that city feel huh? greetings to tim and karol (last pic is pretty cool).

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