Day 0 – Shipping Out

How should you feel when your entire existence has been condensed down into 3 plastic tubs (for storage) and 4 non-matching pieces of luggage?

For the most part, very excited and somehow enthralled by how easy it is to just pack up your bags and go (I mean really go!) anywhere in the world these days. And also just a little bit sad that no matter what way this year turns, it does mark some kind of an end of an era for me in London. I have spent seven very good years in this town and I may well be back but somehow I think it will always be a little different the next time. So a big hello to Becks, Susie, Sanj, David, Andrew, Alex and all the others who I shared houses with over the years – I sure had a blast.

So with that it’s time to lock down the bags and head for the airport. I seem to have secured an exit aisle seat which for a 12 hour flight comes under the category of essential at 6’2″. The flight should give me plenty of opportunities to consider what might lie ahead. To be honest, I have a very basic understanding at the moment of what I will be doing for the next 12 months. I am confident that I am in safe hands and things will rapidly become apparent once I get on the ground but I really am flying a little bit blind this week.

Thankfully this week I am in the experienced hands of Julie the program co-ordinator. She is flying out with me and we will be making a stop in Johannesburg to meet with some large donor organisations before moving up to Lusaka. Next stop the southern hemisphere!

Post Edit: 12 hour flight offered very little time for thinking due to surround sound of incessant screaming of children.
Note to self: Exit row also equates to cot aisle for toddlers. Perhaps cramped is not so bad after all.

One Response to “Day 0 – Shipping Out”
  1. Paul Culleton says:

    I really admire what you are doing. Following your convictions, taking some risks and diving in. Fortunately, you have the personal capability to take things in your stride and have an impact on the people you meet along the way. It’s a gift, nurture it!
    I will drop by occasionally and connect virtually.
    Have fun,

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