A Fond Farewell

Well friends,

Time has finally come to stop talking about this little adventure of mine and get on with the getting on. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t beside myself with excitement about the whole year ahead of me. I have a head filled with what the year might entail and where it might take me (literally, figuratively and the rest) which leads to very little sleep during the nights but a whole lot of exciting thoughts during the day.

I have been really amazed by how many people have asked to keep in touch during the year and this little blog is my attempt to do that. Please drop by as often as you wish, I will make every attempt to keep the content fresh, lively and for the most part grammatically correct.

I will put more about the my new projects and life in Zambia in general as things become more clear. In the mean time please don’t forget to keep in touch. I really hope to learn an awful lot more about the world around me in the coming 12 month and in the process no doubt a good bit more about myself. I’ll do my very best to share some of that in an interesting way on the pages here.

Keep well

One Response to “A Fond Farewell”
  1. Pierre Dewilde says:

    Dear Berkeley,

    Happy to see that your discovery goes ‘beyond’ expectations.
    I wish you all the best and bet I will be a regular reader.

    Best regards and have a great journey.


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